Get Comfortable


June 28, 2021 Jodi & Erin Season 2 Episode 224
Get Comfortable
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We are talking all about gaslighting, answering some questions and personal sharing experiences we've had as well as one from a listener and friend! What is gaslighting? What are the signs of gaslighting? What is gaslighting in a relationship? What is racial gaslighting? How is gaslighting used against women? Why do people gaslight? And how to stop gaslighting? We walk through all of these questions and then head into our music recommendations. We wrap things up sharing the most embarrassing jobs we've had with some stories you don't want to miss... Like the crazy thing that happened to Jodi at Kmart or Erin's weird adventures in door-to-door sales.   

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What is Racial Gaslighting?
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Personal Stories: Gaslighting and Emotional Abuse
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