Boom Tequila

Alter Egos

November 30, 2020 Boom Tequila Season 1 Episode 8
Boom Tequila
Alter Egos
Show Notes

On this episode we are talking all about alter egos... from celebrity alter egos to the alter egos we have used to the ones we would use if it weren't for social norms and consequences. Then we throw out some new music to check out. And if you wanna know what some of the nicknames we've had are and why... you gotta make it do Dish Bish.

Jo Jam: Music to check out 

  • "Desperado" by Rhianna (not new, but still - R&B ) 
  • "Memory I Don't Mess With" by Lee Brice (Country)
  • "One Beer" by Hardy (Country) 
  • Ariana Grande's new album, Positions (Pop) 
  • “What That Speed Bout” by NBA Youngboy & Nicki Minaj (Rap)
  • "Therefore I am" by Billie Eilish (Dark Pop)

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