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Astrology Basics: Intro to Natal Birth Charts & Beyond Your Sun Sign

November 16, 2020 Boom Tequila Season 1 Episode 6
Boom Tequila
Astrology Basics: Intro to Natal Birth Charts & Beyond Your Sun Sign
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In this episode we are talking all about astrology beyond your main zodiac sign (or sun sign). We discuss at an entry level, aspects of a natal chart (or birth chart) and how various factors play in to your overall astrological picture. Then you don't want to miss this dish bish, because this dish... is extra spicy. Jodi tells us all about her first boyfriend and some deets that we seriously debated whether or not to cut out... And Erin discusses the craziest thing she ever did mad and... let's just say anyone who knows her today might not believe this, but it's true. So did we overshare on this one? Yeah. Pretty sure we did.

Topic: Astrological Birth Charts 101

We look at some basics including what a birth chart (or natal chart) is and why it matters. We will break down some of the most common or interesting planets and show examples of how these play into the bigger picture.  

  • What is a birth chart?
  • Traits of each zodiac element (air, earth, fire, water) 
  • Zodiac planets & what do they mean: Sun sign, Rising sign, Moon sign, Chiron, and Venus
  • What are the houses (brief overview)

Dish Bish

You guys. This dish bish… so much on this one. I mean we may have both over-shared. Jodi spills the tea on her first boyfriend and first kiss.And when I say this tea is hot. I mean piping. We literally almost deleted this whole section… But this episode is kind of long, so if you make it this far I guess you deserve some tea. 

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Get Your Birth Chart Report: 

  • birth chart
    • We used several descriptions from this site on our birth chart explanations.
    • This one uses the Placidus method and gives a good mix of info and charting details. The report is easy to read through if you don’t want to learn all the charting details but want to see your results.  
  • CafeAstrology Birth chart 
    • This is another option, I have used both. This site has a clean layout and tons of great info, also makes it pretty easy to read through and populates a chart and written report. 

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