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Boundaries: Setting Healthy Boundaries & How to Know If Yours Need Work

November 02, 2020 Boom Tequila Season 1 Episode 4
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Boundaries: Setting Healthy Boundaries & How to Know If Yours Need Work
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Setting Healthy Boundaries
In this episode we are talking all about boundaries. We discuss what boundaries are, personal struggles and triumphs, as well as resources to get you connected with in case you want to dive in deeper on your own personal journey. We walk through some ways to know if you might need some help setting better boundaries and questions that can indicate poor boundaries. We look at some scenarios and responses to compare healthy boundary responses to how someone might respond who struggles to set boundaries. Personal experiences and things that we have done or continue to do to try to stay on top of this is discussed.

Jo Jam
After out topical discussion, we get some music recommendations from Jodi. Here are links for reference to Jodi's jam's of the week. 

Dish Bish
This week in Dish Bish, we are leaning into some personal questions that all kind of tie into the boundaries theme… or breaking some boundaries… we’ll see. Find out the worst lies we ever told a boyfriend... Jodi's is especially good here guys. I just wish she would have given a few more details on how she got that poison ivy...  Want to know why we got chased by a security guard in Nashville? That's in here. Then we talk relationship boundaries and what we say counts as cheating.

Resources & References

Check out our blog on Setting Healthy Boundaries!

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