Boom Tequila

Toxic Relationships

May 23, 2022 Jodi & Erin Season 3 Episode 321
Boom Tequila
Toxic Relationships
Show Notes

 We are talking all about toxic relationships on episode 319 of the Boom Tequila podcast. We discuss toxic relationships we've had, how we've dealt with some sticky situations and set boundaries, and look at some toxic relationship scenarios. 

  • What is a toxic relationship and is there grey area? 
  • What if someone is toxic, but also might be struggling with their mental health? 
  • How do you set boundaries with a toxic person? 
  • What if your friend or sibling is dating someone toxic? 

We go over all of the above questions, then offer some new music recommendations in Jo Jam and wrap things up with some spicier personal questions in Dish Bish at the end!

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