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Confessions of a Serial Ghoster

April 25, 2022 Jodi & Erin Season 3 Episode 317
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Confessions of a Serial Ghoster
Show Notes

If you've dated at all in the last decade or so, you have probably either experienced being ghosted or ghosted someone yourself. Ghosting seems to be a pretty common thing these days, yet still something that confuses a lot of people. Have you ever wondered why someone would ghost or wondered what actually counts as ghosting? Like if I wait days or weeks (or longer) to respond to someone... is that ghosting? 

Some of our regular listeners may be aware that one of our co-hosts has some personal experience as a bit of a serial ghoster. (She's working on it y'all.) Erin walks us through a few recent scenarios that have lead her to pull the ghost card and talks a little about when and why she has ghosted. 

We talk all about how people define ghosting, what we think counts as ghosting, reasons we have ghosted people and discussing and providing feedback on some ghosting scenarios. 

  • What counts as ghosting? 
  • Why do people ghost? 
  • Real life ghosting situations
  • Ghosting in dating 

ghosting, why do girls ghost, dating and relationships, online dating apps, why was i ghosted, ghosting scenarios

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